The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment but Their Popularity Is Increasing

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing. Why is this? How could this be controlled?

The automobile industry is readily becoming famous with brands of vehicles made. This, in the long term, has an adverse effect on our surroundings which is being overlooked both by the supplier and the consumer. This essay will discuss the main cause and ways the bad out turn will be managed.

Firstly, the main cause of this issue is high demand. Gone are the days when the world’s population was less per square meter of an area, and this did not pose much threat to our environment when in the medieval to the rise of the Renaissance period to the industrial revolution as compared to our current population and age. Most individuals from middle-class families own a car, the use of training our various towns, truckers and other models in use gets demanded in high quantity when the population grows to be able to meet the needs of its residents, aside those which are faulty. This tends to harm our environment with the emission of carbon monoxide, which isn’t safe for the respiratory cycle, the depletion of the ozone layer leading to global warming due to gases emitted when the combustion process of breakdown cars is in place. A typical even is in Accra, where at every fourth corner is a manufacturing company seen with their vehicles displayed ranging from Toyota, Kia, Japan motors to Nissan. A crowded clockwise motor on the street of Accra creates long traffic and pollutes the air we breathe in.

Secondly, the solution to this issue is the government regulating the use of vehicles. This has to deal with laws in place to check the duration of a car in use. The USA government has constituted in accordance of vehicles, and other automobiles use comprehending a ten-year contract use after its first testing. Another is to initiate policies that will usher the motor industries in a reign of building energy-saving cars that do not produce noxious gases. An example is the electric models.

To conclude, I believe the use of metals in motion has a great benefit to us in productivity and time consumption but neglecting its harm to the environment isn’t of the great novel either, which attention needs to be given.

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