Tourism Today Creates a Variety of Problems, Such as Pollution Due to Flights

Tourism today creates a variety of problems, such as pollution due to flights, traffic congestion and water pollution. Do you think that governments should impose extra taxes on flights or accommodation to restrict today’s tourism industry? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

The importance of tourism problems which was always debatable has now become more controversial, with many people claiming that it is beneficial while others reject the notion. The substantial influence of this trend to visit other countries, and this leads to the affecting environment has created an issue over a period of time. In this essay, I will elaborate on why I believe that imposing a tax would be a better idea.

To start with, the government should impose more tax on flights so that there are some restrictions on people who wants to travel and think twice about travelling. Reluctantly, people prefer to travel overseas for holidays will be reduced and will travel to local places so that the effects which can happen can be reduced. For instance, air India has recently imposed high taxes on International travellers, and because of it, there is some decrease in tourists this time.

Secondly, if the government also impose taxes on accommodation at tourist places will also help to reduce the number of international guests in some places. Government increasing taxes on accommodation can help in reducing pollution and unwanted outcomes which can be done by local bodies so that movement of international guests can be less.

To conclude, I think it is best if the government takes action so that the environment does not get affected more. Also, an increase in taxes can be beneficial also; people will have to think before they travel.

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