Very Few School Children Learn About the Value of Money and How to Look After It

Very few school children learn about the value of money and how to look after it, yet this is a critical life skill that should be taught as part of the school curriculum. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, least a number of educational Institutes teach financial literacy to the learner, but it is a very crucial ability for every student, and it has to be taught in every school. This essay will explicate that why I agree with the notion.

To begin with, there are various reasons to teach the value of money to the pupils. The prominent one is that some children do not have parents, so no one is there to tell them how to manage their money. In other words, Gardy and want to make their child best in every field and they teach them useful skills which are helpful in their future but who lost their parents in small age, and it is very difficult to learn those abilities. If school teach the moon money value, it is very helpful for them and for their upcoming years. Moreover, some children who are their parent’s money in various kind of useful things such as video games expensive gadgets and so forth because they do not know the struggle life of their parents, so this trend will help them to understand the value of money.

Furthermore, most of the people are belongs to a middle family because they do not have financial literacy, even it cannot be taught in schools, and their guardians do not have proper knowledge of money, so they cannot become rich in their life. For instance, after reading the book ‘Rich dad Poor dad’, many people become rich because this book provides information about money which is very helpful for every person to become a successful man or woman. As a result, to gain huge success or become richer, every student has financial literacy.

In conclusion, although subjects like maths science English and so on are compulsory for readers, I believe that To know the value of money should be taught in every school because it is very important for them for their future like

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