Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have (Future)

Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have (Future)

  • What kind of bag is it?
  • Where do you want to buy it
  • How much it will cost you
  • Why do you want this kind of bag

Sample answer of Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have (Future)

as a fashionable person, I have many bags. Apart from that, in the future, if I get a chance, I would like to buy a ladies bag of Dora. Even though the brand is not costlier, their particular bag costs around 500 dollars. Because it is limited edition and the lather makes it of a bird and the decorations over the flap done by feathers of that bird.

Most of the globally famous brands are available in Kuwait, but the Dora has only one shop. I need to buy this bag in its own showroom that will satisfy that I have bought the original product. Many people were asked me before that why u want to go for this costly product, and it’s a passion and a dream. Own such a product will give us pride and prestige.

Follow-ups Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have (Future)

Question 1 why do you think women like to buy bags?

Answer – Women are more dress conscious than men; they like to carry vanity bags according to the dress’s color. I think fashion is the main reason behind women’s nature of buying costlier bags.

Question 2 is the backpack practical in life?

Answer – yes, but it is according to the occasion. We cannot carry a backpack for the party, but it will be suitable for travel r work. I think in the future people will depend more on the backpack.

Question 3 why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?

Answer – some people want to show off their richness to the public, they buy certain precious bags, simultaneously, some people believe using some expensive bag will bring respect and pride to them

Question 4 in the future, what changes will bags have?

Answer – in the future, we can expect tremendous changes. The design and cost will definitely change. Some significant models will come. especially, some technology also will attach to the bag.

Question 5 why do children need to carry school uniform bags?

Answer – it allows them to keep all their instruments and personal items. It is easy to carr and use. they can keep in the class table a well

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