wild animals Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

wild animals Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers

Ques: Have you ever seen wild animals?

Ans: Yes! I remember when I saw wild animals, it was the time when I visited Zoo in Chandigarh. I was very excited to see wild animals. I saw Lion, a tiger, and many more animals in the zoo.

Ques: Where can we see wild animals?

Ans: There are ample places where we can see wild animals like we can visit the zoo. As well as there is an artificial jungle which is well known as Jim Corbet park. People usually visit there on their vacations with their families.

Ques: What’s your favorite wild animal?

Ans: My favorite wild animal is a lion. First of all, the lion is known as a king of the jungle as well as lion also has religious value too. I usually like to see animal programs and have keen internet to get more knowledge about lions.

Ques: Do you like watching animals in the zoo?

Ans: Yes! As I am an animal lover, I like to see animals. I love to visit zoos in different places. Recently I visit the zoo in Chandigarh, which is very big, and one can see every kind of animal there in that zoo.

Ques: Is it important to let children know about animals?

Ans: Definitely, yes! If children do not know about animals, they do not know how to protect animals as well as they do not even know about the value of animals in their lives.

Ques: Is it important to protect wild animals?

Ans: Definitely, Yes! There are ample reasons to save wild animals. First of all, some animals are going to extinct. Moreover, wild animals are also a part of our life circle. Other than that, if we do not protect wild animals, then our coming generation not able to see wild animals.

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