Describe Something That You Have Shared With Others

Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person). You should say:

  • What you shared?
  • Who you shared it with?
  • Why you shared it?
  • And explain how you felt about sharing it?

Ans: Well, Sharing is caring. My parents always taught me that sharing always increases love and care between two people. I always love to share my thing with my family, cousins, and friends too. I remember when I share my laptop with my friend when I was in college and his name is john.

I remember it was the last semester of our graduation and we have to make a project. he did not have a laptop at that time and he borrows my laptop for few days as he has to prepare a report for that project which he completed in almost 5 days.

As this was our combined project we discussed the task what he had to prepare and what I had to prepare. So we started working on a project and we complete it in fifteen days and finally, we sat together and give it a final discussion before submitting it. After completing our project I was over cloud nine.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe Something That You Have Shared With Others

Ques : Why people like to share things with others?

Ans: Sharing is a good habit. Sharing thing with people tell how much trust and care a person has on that person. Secondly, people love to share thing because they think they are helping people in their needy time.

Ques: Is it good to share your personal things with others?

Ans: Well, It depends upon a person if they are comfortable to share their personal belongings then there is no issue. Otherwise, some people took beneficiaries of those people who like to share their private things.

Ques: Have you ever shared your personal details with your friends?

Ans: Obviously not, Because this is a bit risky to share personal details with friends. As I cannot revel my bank details and my phone’s password with my friends because I have a lot of legal documents which I cannot reveal to my friends.

Ques: Can we share our mobile with others?? Why or why not?

Ans: Well, Nowadays we store our personal details on phones so it is a bit risky to share our phone with others. On the other hand, if a person wants to call for while then we can share it but in front of ourself due to security reason.

Ques: How parents can teach sharing to their children?

Ans: There are ample ways to teach about sharing like they can start inculcating about sharing in their childhood when they start playing with their toys they can teach them to share their toys with other kids even eatables too.

Ques: Do young ones like to share their personal things in your area?

Ans: Nowadays, people become introverted so usually they do not like to share their things with others in their area. But sometimes they share their things with those people whom they trust.

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