You Are a Student at An English Language School in Brighton

You are a student at an English language school in Brighton and are living in private accommodation with other flatmates. You have not had hot water or heating for some time. The landlord’s workmen have tried to fix the problem but without success. Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter,

  • State your reason for writing
  • Describe the problems and explain how you feel
  • Propose a solution and risk the landlord to take action

Dear sir mam

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment regarding your shipping service as I have availed your shipping service from your company on 15th September 2021. The shipment was from India to Canada with consignment number A1234567890

However, I received the shipment yesterday, and upon unpacking my furniture, I found that most of my furniture was damaged as the glass top of my dining table was broken into two pieces. Moreover, my king’s size bed has caught scratches all over the wooden surroundings. In addition to this, the Samsung refrigerator Which I purchased last month ago is now non-functional and also got scratches on its door. I apologize, but this was not expected from your company. I have seen your company’s rating, but now I am also not satisfied with that rating.

I would like to make a claim for the damaged item. Kindly inform me of the necessary information procedure and the documents which I need to submit

Looking forward to your response at the earliest

Yours faithfully 


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