You Have Participated in A Competition and You Have Won the Prize

You have participated in a competition, and you have won the prize. You have received confirmation, but you have not received the gift. Write a letter to the newspaper editor. In your letter

  • What was the competition
  • Explain the price
  • Suggest how he can help you

Dear sir,

I am writing to let you know that I did not get the article competition-winning reward yet. I received a mail regarding the announcement of three winners, and my name was on the top of the list.

It was an English article writing competition, and the topic was “Effects of pandemic upon Lifestyle”. It was held through your monthly magazine, and participants had given two days for its completion. I solely remember that I posted my article within a day. After a week I got a mail followed by telephonic confirmation and asked to select my top prize from your head office.

The winning reward for three winners was announced as $500, $400 and $300 in a respective manner first, second and third. In addition to that, the topper will also get to attend the drama writing seminar which is going to be held on coming Sunday.

As being the winner, my claim amount is $500 and the seminar’s voucher. I want you to send my voucher as well as prize money to the address given below so that I can attend the seminar timely. I want you to do so because I will be unavailable to collect my pass for the whole week. It would be very helpful if you could make it possible before Friday.

I hope to hear you soon.

Yours sincerely,

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