Describe a Natural Talent You Want to Improve Like Sports Music

Describe a natural talent you want to improve, like sports music

– What is it?
– When did you discover it?
– How do you want to improve it?
– And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports music

We are all born with talent, and all have different or sometimes same, majority of people have one talent while some ordinary have more than one.

Some people make a career on their taken basis, and today I would like to talk about my talent, which I think makes my career on it.

It is dancing; I love dancing; back in my childhood, u tend to dance on any special occasion such as marriage, party, etc. Dance is many types, such as classical, breakdance, hip-hop, but I love my own style.

Two months ago, I was invited to one of my best friends’ wedding, and my friends know that I have dance talent thus, they gave me special responsibility to choreographer one small dance for the groom a d bride, also request me to as lead dancer. After the performance, everyone loved ut, and some were astonished.

One of the groom’s friends came to me and suggested to me that I ought to make a career on it; my moves and style are unique. He is also a dancer and has a dance academy, so tell me that if I am interested, then I can join them.

I’ve never taken any dance class, but after his advice, now I am planning to join them. And wanna make a career on it. It makes my zeal and zest, also relax me. I have got the talent to dance and do it with passion.\

Follow-Ups of Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports music

Question 1:- Do you think artists with talents should focus on their talents?

Answer- Without any doubt, yes, as we always say, class is permanent, no one takes your talent it’s your skill hence focus on it, and you will get success.

Question 2:- Is it possible for us to know the children who are 3 or 4 years old will become musicians or painters when they grow up?

Answer- I don’t think it is dependent on age; if children have talent and have uniqueness, then others then definitely become; however, the personal interest of it is primarily a requirement.

Question 3:- Do you think parents feel guilty for putting too much pressure on their children?

Answer- I believe that parents do not feel guilty; parents always think good for their children and wanna prepare for upcoming challenges if children become used to it and prepared that it helps a lot in the future.

Question 4:- Why do people like to watch talent shows?

Answer- The main reason is that entertainment, in talent show people can see friction drama as well as talent. Some people also watch it for inspiration and learn from them.

Question 5:- Do you think it is more interesting to watch famous people or ordinary people’s shows?

Answer- I believe that ordinary people show us much helpful than famous, where we can see their story and most importantly real-life in the present, however, for famous people show we can motivate and get inspiration but never know their real-life story, we know the struggle.

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