You Ordered a New Cheque Book from Your Bank Two Weeks Ago

You ordered a new cheque book from your bank two weeks ago, but you have received nothing. Write a letter to the Manager complaining about the bad service.

  • Say when and how you ordered the cheque book.
  • Ask how much longer you will have to wait
  • And ask the Manager what action he will take over this matter.

Dear Manager,

I hope my letter meets you in google health as I am. Two weeks ago, I reported to your branch, Ecobank Ghana, Aflao, to order a new cheque book as I have exhausted the old one. Your co-worker by the name of Yao John helped with the procedure, and it was really fast.

After which, I was made to make a copy of my ID and signed relevant documents in regards to the cheque book. I was assured of receiving a call within five working days as it will be ready by then. I made a later follow up in a week time, and it was not ready.

How long can your outfit take from now to make the check ready? As this is affecting my business. What could have been the obstacle impeding the processing of the cheque, and what efforts are underway to remedy the situation?

Yours faithful

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