You Want a Book that You Cannot Find

You want a book that you cannot find. Later you find it, and it is available in a bookstore in another city. Write a letter to the manager of the bookstore. In your letter, you should:

  • Give details of the book
  • Say why you need this book
  • Tell him how you will pay for it

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Joe, and I am from Yorkshire, which is a neighbouring city of yours. I am writing this letter with regard to buying a book from your store.

‘Code’-The hidden language of computer hardware and software by Charles Petzold. This book has all the basics required to learn to program.

As the book has been in great demand for students learning about computer technology, I have been looking for this book for the past month. Fortunately, I found this book on your store’s website. I believe this book is a great way for beginners to become professionals in coding. I have a coding competition in the coming week. This book will help me to practice all the complex strategies required to write a code. Therefore, it builds my confidence to win.

Since I am from a different city, I would earnestly request you to send the book to my postal address and accept online payment via Paytm. You can drop your account details on my mail id [email protected].

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Joe B

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