Your Colleague is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country

Your Colleague is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country. You have arranged an airport pick-up, hotel accommodation and planned his / her meeting. Write a letter to your colleague. In your letter

  • Tell me when and where you will meet him/her
  • Explain where he/she will stop
  • Tell him/her about other arrangements you have made.

Sample Answer: Your Colleague is Flying to the Meeting by Plane From Another Country

Dear Manjeet,

I am writing to welcome you to our country and express my excitement about our upcoming meeting. I am delighted to inform you that all necessary arrangements have been made for your visit.

As we previously discussed, you will be arriving at Kolkata Airport on 23-8-2023 at 11:00 AM. I will be there at the airport to pick you up and take you to the hotel. The airport is about 10km from the hotel, and the estimated travel time is approximately 11.30 AM. Therefore, please ensure that you have all your travel documents and personal items ready for the journey.

I have booked a room for you at Mannat Hotel for the duration of your stay. The hotel is situated in the heart of the city, close to all major attractions, restaurants, and shopping centres. I am confident that you will find the hotel comfortable and convenient during your stay.

I have also arranged the meeting venue and all the necessary equipment for our meeting. The meeting will be held at Mannat on 23-8-2023 at 4.00 PM. The venue is equipped with all necessary facilities, including projectors, screens, and sound systems. Therefore, we will have everything we need to make our meeting productive and successful.

In addition to the above arrangements, I have also prepared an itinerary of local activities and sights that you may find interesting. The itinerary includes a list of recommended restaurants, historical sites, and tourist attractions that you may enjoy exploring during your free time.

I hope that the arrangements I have made will make your visit comfortable, convenient, and productive. Please let me know if you require any further assistance, and I will be happy to help.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon.

Best regards,

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