Your Photograph Recently Won a Photography Competition and Will Be Shown in An Exhibition

Your photograph recently won a photography competition and will be shown in an exhibition. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • Describe the photograph you sent to the competition
  • Tell him/her about the exhibition where your photo will be shown
  • Invite him/her to the exhibition

Dear Varsha,

I hope you are doing well, and it’s been a while that we have not met after graduation. As you already know, I like to click wildlife photos which give me adventure and also it is my passion too. Last month I went to the forest of Zimbabwe to enjoy the wildlife and click some great photos that were never clicked before, and hopefully, my dream comes true.

I have clicked underwater swimming photos of a group of rhinos. That was a very incredible experience for me. After arriving back home, I have sent that photo to an international wildlife photo competition, and now the great news comes. My photo won that competition, and it will be showcased to the general people along with the honourable chief of Kerala at the Kerala Museum, where the price distribution and opening of the ceremony will organize. Along with the letter I am sending you the invitation card for the opening ceremony. Bring your wife with you too. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

With best Regard,

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