Big Companies Should Provide Sports and Social Facilities for Local Communities

Big companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Great businesses and firms are some of the key dominators of the economy. It is often debated that they should come up with sports and recreational facilities for the local societies. In my opinion, providing such facilities to the people can be beneficial in the longer run. Therefore I completely agree with this statement.

On the one hand, it is proven that early indulgence in sports can be advantageous for the youth; it is cited in recent research that the lack of sports complex in the nearby areas is one of the causes of increased crime rates and substance abuse. Furthermore, If the multinational establishments utilize a portion of their profits to develop such spaces, it can create a better groomed and healthy population. Moreover, some nations have already passed laws to give legal backing to such activities. For instance, the CSR Act in India enforces any company with an annual turnover of 5 crores to set aside 15% of their profit for the social development of the marginalized communities; because of this law, a plethora of rural areas have gained access to necessities which earlier they never could obtain including clean water and electricity.

On the other hand, recreational facilities for the communities are necessary to bring a sense of togetherness. It was reported in one of the national dailies in 2019 that the recent opening of community centers in Delhi, which was a joint project of the HCL Foundation and Delhi Government, has showcased a pragmatic increase in enhanced communication among the elderly population and even encouraged them to host events for the other people.

To encapsulate, the constructive initiatives by the private and the public organization have depicted positive trends in the demography; perhaps more organizations should step in to take such responsibilities.

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