Car Ownership Has Increased so Rapidly Over the Past Thirty Years

Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world are now ‘one big traffic jam’. How true do you think this statement is? What measures can governments take to discourage people from using their cars?

In the contemporary era, owing to drastic changes in technology, particularly in the automobile sector, development has been found on a sore level. In the twenty-first century, especially for last three decades, people trend for purchasing new car significantly increased in order to this trend we observe traffic jams problem in many developed nations in the every now and then. I strongly believe that this situation can be controlled if authorities will take the necessary steps.

First and foremost, people are spending their earnings to buy a new car as it is an essential requirement to communicate on a daily basis as cars provide comfort for travelling from their office to home and vice versa. On the other hand, if authorities educate people to travel by public transport or increase amenities on these transport the residents can adopt this phenomenon for daily up and down. For instance, In Ahmadabad and Surat, which are the city of Gujarat, government encourage special bus facilities with air conditioners, and the bus has their own route, so in these metropolises after this development, traffic has been reduced, and because of such ramifications people use the BRTS bus wholeheartedly. Furthermore, nowadays a plethora of family has two or three cars which is one of the aspects of increasing traffic in any country, and this can be tackled by the authorities to pass strict law for one family only one car method.

Another step which government need to consider to reduce traffic problem is that they need to give awareness to people by reducing the fact is, In an increased number of cars lead to creating more pollution-related problem which will harmful them in future. For example, the Delhi government has been taken odd and even formulas to control pollution in last year so as a result on a daily basis amount of car use at the dip side. In addition, authorities need to increase toll tax for cars so there will be a reduction in car usage which consequently reduce the traffic problems.

To recapitulate, even though increasing consumption of new motor cars in many developed countries which lead to a traffic jam problem. This modern trend can be tackled by authorities by commencing multifarious steps such as modification of public transport, strict laws as well as tax and regular awareness to the masses.

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