Describe a Person with Whom You Like to Share Your Feelings

Describe a person with whom you like to share your feelings. You should say –

  • Who is the person? –
  • What kind of feeling do you share? –
  • Why do you share your feelings with this person?

Sample Answer of Describe a Person with Whom You Like to Share Your Feelings

Everyone faces diverse kinds of situations in their life at that time. Some people share their situation with their near ones as some people are extroverts. Usually, I also meet new people in my daily routine, but it’s not easy to trust anybody to share my feelings. Here I would like to talk about a person with whom I share my feelings.

His name is john. I meet him in my school times he is very understanding in every situation. Initially, we did not like each other, but when we started talking to each other, we became best friends. I share my every situation with him as he always suggests me for my good or bad. The first time I realized this was when he fought with me for my sake when I was in a relationship with a girl.

He told me that she was cheating on me, but I started to argue with him and told him to stay out of me, but he still convinced me, and after a few days when I came to know about the reality, I felt bad for me and my behavior towards him. I apologize to him, and he forgives me from that time I start discussing my feelings. As I always found him as a support system in my life, even I want o to discuss my personal or professional life, that’s why I always share my feeling with him.

Follow Ups of Describe a Person with Whom You Like to Share Your Feelings

Question 1: Is it difficult for Indian people to express their feelings?

Answer- According to it depends upon person’s nature because if a person is introverted, then one does not like to express their feelings inspire that person belongs to India or outside of India.

Question 2: Who do you think will talk more? Children or grown-ups?

Answer- Children are more energetic than mature ones also children have more curiosity to get knowledge about everything. Whenever they see new things without any hesitation, they raise their question. On the other hand, grown-ups think twice before speaking anything.

Question 3: What do you think is the difference between boys and girls in expressing their feelings?

Answer- Well, girls are more into sharing their feelings than boys as they usually share their feelings with their best friends and do not feel hesitant about sharing their things. On the other side mostly boys are introverted towards sharing their feelings. Sometimes they think they become shy if they share their feelings.

Question 4: Do you think people are more open than in the past?

Answer- Definitely Yes! Nowadays, people do not hesitate before speaking, and moreover, they know their rights, and they have the right to raise their voice for themselves.

Question 5: Why do you think people are less open?

Answer- Sometimes people do not want to create chaos, and some people are not aware of their rights in society, so they just let these things go.

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