Competition for University Study Is Becoming Increasingly Strong

Competition for university study is becoming increasingly strong. Why are universities becoming more competitive? Is this a positive or negative development?

It is irrefutable that competitiveness to enrolling in university has extremely tough. This essay will discuss the reason behind this phenomenon because it aids pupils for better selection as well as this is a positive trend.

To commence with, the major reason for this competition is that nowadays most of the recruiters find out highly qualified workers. To explain it, everyone wants to work for reputed organizations for which they have to acquire degree and skills for a particular field to get a better job, for this university are merely solution as it gives them more opportunities for future as well. For example, unless a person completes their territory education, companies might be hired for their business works. Thus, numerous learners strive to obtain admission in high educational institutes because of this rivalry rise.

Moving further to positive points of it, territory education institutes provide not only particular theoretical knowledge but also communicational and practical skills, which many individuals know. For this, they work hard and take many exams to conform their name to the institute’s list. To explicate it, whenever admission open for filling forms for enrolment, people try even harder as they know by doing this, it also develops their self-esteem and confidence and how to manage the thing, whereas if there would be effortless competition, neither they focus nor they go out of comfort zone. For instance, research done by Waterloo University revealed that 78% of pupils agree that to get into the university, they compete with others and compare where they are, which also refers to identifying their weaknesses and working on them. Hence it is beneficial for students and universities as well to opt for merely better candidates.

To conclude, although the main cause for arduous competitiveness is burgeoning, yet I believe it is a positive evolution.

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