If a Product Is Good and Meets Customer Needs

If a product is good and meets customer needs, people will buy it, and advertising is unnecessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that a product is good and meeting all the consumer requirements; individuals will buy it without any advertisement. In my opinion, I partially agree with the statement and will discuss the same in the subsequent paragraphs.

To commence with, firstly, it may have made a great product. However, it will never be a success unless the potential customers know about it. With the help of advertisements, it can reach more people—consequently, the sales of a product increase, which also gives a high business turnaround. Secondly, even though the product is good, due to high competition among the manufactures. Sometimes a great product cannot reach everyone. Additionally, the advertisement sector provides job opportunities to the unemployed and boosts the country’s economy. Therefore, companies should promote adverts to obtain profits.

Thirdly, with the right promotion of their product, companies can take their product to any corner in the world, which aids to get global sales. They can use various offline and online platforms such as social media, billboards, and the internet for advertising. Take Amazon as an example by promoting its application in different areas. Now, they have become the most trusted goods delivery agency. Fourthly, advertisement is important in every aspect of the business. It plays an imperative role between consumer and manufacture. Finally, certain commodities do not require advertising if they are already known to many people. Nevertheless, they must endorse their items if they want to compete in the national market or global market.

To conclude, ultimately, it seems to me that companies can avoid endorsements if they want to reach a lower amount of audience. Still, to become a global leader, they need advertisements.

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