Some People Say That No One Should Work After the Age of 65

Some people say that no one should work after the age of 65; others say that they should continue the work as long as they want. Discuss both views and give your opinion

The golden age of retirement is the age 60s. Then, the public split into two arguments whether the worker should retire at the age of 65 or they could continue to work as their want. This essay will discuss both sides.

To begin with, the age of 65 is the best option to retire. At this age, the ability of the worker is limited, so that the companies hiring these employers will be risky. Even though employers have the experience, the employers could take more time, and they can be substituted by the youngers who have good productivity, fast learning, critical thinking. Secondly, security assurance such as medical care and social security can be used at this time. The workers should not worry about their next living with no job. The government will take over to pay the expenditure of the pensionaries.

On the other hand, the age of 65 is not the compass to stop people’s productivities. Some studies said that the older who love their job would get happy to continue their life. For example, Japan is the one country that uses older people to be experts. The country believes that the more people get older and work in the current company, the more companies benefit because these workers could be experienced workers and share all of the knowledge with youngers. In addition, the foremost is not choosing to the pension at the age of 65 because these people are not employers and these people are called entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs are the role of models who don’t have assurance from the government apart from civil servants and companies’ employers. That is why the entrepreneur should be work to living.

In conclusion, the age of 65 should not be the point when people decide on pension because some people are not supported by social security, and others love their job to live happily and share with the younger.

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