Describe a Family Which You Like and Are Happy to Know

Describe a family which you like and are happy to know. You should say

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do you know them?
  • And explain why you like them?

Sample Answer of Describe a Family Which You Like and Are Happy to Know

I know a host of family narrowly. Some are in our area while some are our relatives; however, if I think happy family and I admire them, then one name comes to my mind. It’s Rajesh’s uncles Patel family.

We live in the same colony, and they are our neighbors. Uncle’s son is my best friend like we eat the same dish. We also go to the same school. I frequently visit his home for different reasons. His father, I mean Rajesh uncle occupation is CA, he working for famous RV Sharma organizations in our city. He has one daughter and one son. Aunty is a housewife.

Whenever I went there, I never felt I was in others’ homes. It’s like I was in my own home. Uncle and aunty are also telling me to do whatever I want.

Uncle and aunt’s relationship is also good, and they did not force their child; the children are rid of doing whatever they desire. Uncle is believed in rules that why some rules and all follow it precisely.

Furthermore, I never heard the high voice tone of any of these family members.

All members of the family are United same as Our body is connected with every part.

I like my own family, but I also like Rajesh’s uncle’s Patel family, they have good bonds, and I feel that this is the perfect family.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Family Which You Like and Are Happy to Know

Question 1:- Who is usually the leader in an Indian family?

Answer- The elder person is usually the leader in my country, the children’s father or in some cases, especially in joining family the grandfather is seen as a leader, however, for children care and career decisions also take their mother, house chores is also upon women. For instance, in my family, my father is our leader; he takes all paramount decisions, we live in his shadow, and he was like a shield.

Question 2:- How do grandparents take care of their children?

Answer-  In this contemporary era, parents are busy with their vocational life; hence grandpa raises children and takes care of them the same as parents do. Grandparents can teach moral values and a pivotal lesson that they learn from their lives and experience. Easily competing children demand by them also deleterious because parent not to it same way.

Question 3:- What’s the most important quality of a good parent?

Answer-  I believe that being flexible is major quality; parents have to understand children and take some decisions by thinking about their child’s side. A rude and bad relationship between children is detrimental for both.

Question 4:- How can new parents learn about parenting?

Answer-  We live in the computer era and presently numerous ways to learn about parenting. New Comer can take advice from other good parents, especially from friends who are parents. Taking parent’s class is also good and another way. Additionally, an online myriad of websites and blogs also yield wisdom; they can also learn from watching the video, especially on YouTube.

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