Today People Are Surrounded By Advertising. Writing Task 2

Today people are surrounded by advertising. This affects what people think is important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Currently, masses have immense knowledge about various products by dint of adverts. It has an impact on the thought process of human brains and has adversely affected human beings. I thoroughly agree with it because individuals become spendthrifts as well as, under the influence of commercials, they create environmental hazards.

First off, availability of varied types of products makes masses compulsive buyers, when they see adverts either on TV, internet or hoardings at the side of the road. Therefore, multitudes tend to buy those things, which may be necessary for them. They don’t hesitate to spend more and resultantly; they become a pauper. Their extravagant behaviour becomes the reason for their miserable life, particularly when they run out of money. For instance, attires, jewellery and branded footwear excite the youngsters to buy. When youngsters see their favourite star wearing those types of clothes, they seize the moment and groom their personality use enormous amounts to buy it. They start to lead their life, and in the end, they become bankrupt.

Furthermore, by purchasing more, individuals start to live in use and throw off society. They eagerly wait for discounts or sales. They purchase unnecessary things, and when they get bored with their possessions, they throw them away and order new ones. Thus they are creating an imbalance in nature. To exemplify it, nowadays, wooden furniture is becoming increasingly popular in society. They are informed via adverts. Accidentally, they are damaging their environment. They demand the latest one and forget that to make furniture out of wood, deforestation will take place and intentionally cause harm to their surroundings. This happens due to commercials, and people express their wishes for certain products, and manufacturers make those even at the cost of extinction of certain species and forests.

To conclude, thus, advertisements play a vital role in moulding the thinking of a person. It has adverse effects on man, such as individuals will become spendthrift and damage their surroundings.

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