Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In

Describe a part of a city or a town you enjoy spending time in

  • where it is, what it is like?
  • what do you do there?
  • why do you enjoy spending time there?

Sample Answer of Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In

I enjoy spending time in my town, which is Anand in Gujrat. I like there because being I have always been living in a fast city where everything we do have to be on time. And doing so always drain my energy. And when I visit my town, I feel immense pleasure because there is no rush life we can do the thing at our own pace. Also, there are so many places which are similar to the city. We have all the types of things available over there, And it is like the next developed city. I also enjoy the green environment over there, and we can do walking over there without fearing pollution. There we can breathe pure oxygen and can live healthy also, and the daily hustle-bustle is not the topic.

Follow-ups of Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In

Question 1:- How do public places change in towns or cities?

Answer:- I think the area for building parks and shopping malls has increased in towns and cities because of the availability of land there people do not build many buildings or industries. And, also they have big areas for the development of restaurants or parking places or for temples.

Question 2:- What public places do old people usually go to?

Answer:- Temples and gardens or parks are the frequent places old people love to visit. They like to go to the temple because there they feel the serene beauty of the idols of the god and can experience a positive environment around them and can meet their age people more. In parks, they like to visit because there they might do some exercise relating to laughing or say stretching can improve their health.

Question 3:- Why do young people like to go to public places?

Answer:- we young people like to go to malls to theatre or garden because it is very energetic and we can enjoy ourselves more with our friends and families. I say we visit a waterpark there we can have so many rides to ride on, and we can enjoy it there with our friends to make those moments memorable. I say we visit a heritage place with our families we came to know about their traditions and the culture they follow and how it was built what the purpose etc. is.

Question 4:- Will more people move to cities in the future?

Answer:- If one wants to experience more parks or wants to earn more or think that city is better than town then I think yes they will move, but if one wants to feel the nature and wants to be close to the nature then they will definitely not give up and chose to stay in town even though it doesn’t have amenities. But will make sure to develop it.

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