There Is Little Difference in The Shops Now Operating in Various Nations

There is little difference in the shops now operating in various nations. Some people think this is a positive development, while others believe it is a negative one. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Development is the key to business success. We can see different nations have shopped with little difference. We will discuss both positive and negative development on this, and my opening falls on later.

Firstly, As positive development shops are open in various nations with only a bit different it allows us to follow our nation cultural dress and same branded patterns that we usually wore for example if we are using Allen Solly dress we can use same at every nation we Indians follow jeans and shirt commonly and if shifting to the different nation we will get the same pattern as same shop available here too. More profit for the business as it expands to different nations.

On the other hand, even though it is positive in fact, it has a negative impact also Will affect local marketers hosteller because people now days prefer good quality products as this local market shops are not hygienic and the quality also not up to the level, so people do not prefer on local markets and more shops are common in nations, and we usually go for it, so it affects negatively on local markets example handloom loon business also have a negative impact on this development.

Moreover in my opinion shops in a different nation is a positive development and development is an important factor for our nation and it helps us to follow same brand and quality product all over the world and also helps business profit.

In conclusion, even though having shops but corporative shops are power full now, and they are making our nation developed and powerful.

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