Describe a Person in The News You Know.

Describe a person in the news you know.

  • Who he or she is?
  • What did this person show up on TV for?
  • How do you know what this person is?
  • Why do you want to meet him or her?

Sample Answer of Describe a Person in The News You Know.

Well, I think famous people are really role models for youngsters like even politicians and our celebrities, sportsmen have appeared in the news. Here I’m going to describe one such personality that I know, and I really want to meet him in person. He runs a media channel and even participated in press conferences too. It is none other than Mr Santhosh Gerorge Kulangara, and he owns a channel for travel called Sancharam.

He has shown up on TV because he travels to almost all countries and shares these experiences through media. I am a divorce fan of the Sancharam program since it explains the culture and diversity of different countries. It is understandable and conveys our emotions too. I watched his programs by the age of 4, and I even don’t miss it even the conference he attended. He is really brilliant and serene too. I must say that he is a motivational speaker, and he is really an inspiration to me.

The interesting fact is that he saves rupees 100 per each day, and thus he goes for all his trips he didn’t get any support from the government too. He is a straightforward person, and now he is a member of the advisory board of Kerala. Even he was hospitalized for one day, he did not get back from his responsibility and even telecast the episode of sancharam. It was a piece of sensational news at that time. I really want to meet him because his words are powerful, and I really want to show him my gratitude and respect towards him.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person in The News You Know.

Question 1:- Is all the news that’s available on social media reliable?

Answer:- I don’t think so. All news that is available on social media is not reliable. Sometimes they create a story to get the attention of the public and wrongly accused people too. Usually, they have a vague idea about a piece of news and come up with their conclusion by exaggerating, putting their imagination in it. And there is a lot of forwarding news too.

Question 2:- Differences in the way people received the news in the past and the way they do now.

Answer:- In the past, people relied on newspapers, and now the place of the newspaper is taken by social media. Now for getting public attention, newsmakers spread wrong information like a wildfire. There is, fierce media competition also occurs. When compared to past face to face communication become decreased and give people a licence to be hurtful.

Question 3:- What kind of news does the media give more importance to?

Answer:- media give Importance to news related to politics, crimes, sports, and economy, even weather reports and opinions too.

Question 4:- What type of people can be seen on TV? What is kind of people do the news usually report about?

Answer:- politicians, celebrities like film stars, sportsmen, singers and even motivational speakers can be seen on TV. They usually make a news report about political events and about politicians.

Question 5:- Do you think there is too much news about celebrities? What is your take on the news reports in recent years?

Answer:- yes, of course, there are a plethora of news reports about celebrities because it gains public attention the most. But I prefer news about important discoveries and achievements that our country made.

Question 6:- Do you think negative information in the news can have a negative influence?

Answer:- Usually, people believe what the media say about it. So, of course, negative information has a bad influence on people. It causes an increase in crime, to reiterate, and young people usually follow it.

Question 7:- Why do people like negative news?

Answer:- People like negative news because they want to know about wrongs happening in their surroundings. They want to be aware of such news, which helps them to take safety and precautionary measures. At the same time, some people are pessimistic in nature and particularly like to watch negative news.

Question 8:- What is usually in the news in your country?

Answer:- In India, there is news about political events, celebrities, sports and crime. There is also discussions and debate too. Information about achievements and discoveries are also included.

Question 9:- Do you believe everything said in the news?

Answer:- sometimes, I believe everything is said in the news. Even though they are exaggerating the news, it really presented well and sought our attention. They really wanted to increase their TPR. They have strong evidence for what they are saying.

Question 10:- Could superstars bring a positive influence on the public?’

Answer:- of course, superstars bring a positive influence on the public. They are too influential, and oodles of people are following them. Their fan circle is amazing, and fans consider them as their role models, and they do what they are said to do.

Question 11:- How do you think the celebs in the news influence adolescent?

Answer:- celebrities have a positive and negative influence on adolescents. If they a have a clear image and such people, influence them positively while some have the negative image and the youngsters follow their bad habits too.

Question 12:- Are the stories about celebrities in the news always true? Is the news on celebrities mostly positive?

Answer:- Not always. Most of the news exaggerates their personal lifelines and are reported to increase TPR.

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