Describe a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time

  • Who this person is,
  • How often does this person help others,
  • How this person helps others,
  • Why does this person help others,
  • How do you feel about this person?

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

I feel helping others is one of the most generous works people do towards others. This shows how compassionate, loving and caring nature you have for other people and most importantly, in India, there are so many people who need basic amenities, and this could be possible only if a person has a kind nature and attitude and feel like equipping these left out people with all the important stuff.

On the same note, I want to mention one of my friends, Saurabh, whom I have known for almost four years, and we have been working in the same company and also on the same project. This friend of mine is an exuberant, outgoing kind of person. He likes partying, bike -riding and going out with friends on weekdays. But mostly on Sunday, he devotes his time to an NGO which he has joined almost 3 to 4 years back, and this NGO looks after these beggars, mostly the older people who are disabled and physically not equipped with everything, so this organization ensures to take care by providing them old age homes to stay, food and proper clothes to live a proper life.

So my friend, every Sunday he goes to the NGO and spends his whole time talking to the people over there, like sharing their feelings, emotions and whatever problems they face in life. He keeps telling us about the story of those people what they endured throughout their life. This person has a dedicated time slot for this work, and sometimes he also goes with NGO people, with senior officials to look after other areas, and from there, they get different helpless people and admitted in their institution. Overall, my friend Saurabh has been doing very kind work for almost four years, and we are proud of that, and that’s what makes me feel unique and proud that I have a friend like him.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

Question 1. Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

Answer:- No, I don’t think so; even if they do, most of the time, we come to know about some kind of cheating or duping of those people to get some kind of gain for themselves. In short, nowadays people do not have that clean heart to help other people, they always have something back in their mind that in what way they can get some kind of profit from others whereas in past times or in earlier days’ people were very kind-hearted, they always ready to help each other whereas it’s a very different scenario.

Question 2. Who should teach children to help others?

Answer:- This behaviour of helping others should be taught by everyone with whom children spend their maximum time that is, his or her school teacher should teach these kind activities to do apart from that when they are with their parents or elder siblings they should also make them understand about the goodness of this behaviour. Overall, children must be taught to have this attitude as they are in their growing phase so if they understand this very clearly, in future, it will be reflected in our society which in return becomes very helpful and also becomes a kind of progressive society which looks after people without any hidden motive.

Question 3. In what kind of professions do people help others more?

Answer:- I am not sure about other professions but being a philanthropist or a social worker or people who are attached with any kind of NGO or government institutions who look after helpless and needy people, and there you can see more of helping nature or generosity. Otherwise, this could be done by anyone, and there is nothing defined that who can help whom, so this is a very basic attitude which everyone should develop in their life.

Question 4. Why are some people willing to help others?

Answer:- According to my, because of the generosity and kindness of the people, they don’t see or like to see anyone in difficulty, so maybe this is the most prominent reason that they want to help the needy person and also always encourage themselves to go for such kind of work. It also depends on what kind of knowledge have been imported to you apart from basic foundation because until and unless you don’t have this feeling from inside, you won’t be able to help anyone.

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