Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

Describe a person you know who gave a cleaver solution to a problem

  • Who this person is,
  • What the problem was,
  • What solution he/she gave,
  • Why do you think it was a clever solution

Sample Answer of Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

Togbui Amlalo, our traditional chief, is one person I admire so much when it comes to problem-solving and the approach used. Togbui is well known for his ability to mobilise the community. He has great prowess in that field. He is a little fair, tall, with afro hair. He has reigned for the past 15 years. In addition to the chieftaincy, Togbui doubles as a businessman.

Somewhere in 2008, our community had the first drop of pipe water. This was championed by Togbui. Long before, he lobbied with the government, but the problem still persists. He later organised community meetings at the community square, where everyone was in attendance.

Everyone suggested ways to solve the water crisis. He made the final conclusion on how everyone is expected to pay 100 cedis each. This was used to fund the materials needed, and labour was also cheap as community members volunteered to carry out their parts. This finally led us to have our first pipe in the town.

Follow ups Describe a Person You Know Who Gave a Cleaver Solution to A Problem

Question 1:- How to become a smart person?

Answer – To become smart, one needs to get the opportunity to be independent and confront their own problem. Parents should not always be ready to bring solutions to their kids without being involved.

Question 2:- What can schools do for students’ intellectual development?

Answer – Schools should not push theories and arguments on students but rather go with practicals that allow them to make use of their cognitive abilities.

Question 3:- What suggestions will you give schools to develop their potential?

Answer – Students potentials can be maximised if only identified. Schools should help students identify their potential and then provide the necessary resources to maximise it. Provide sports facilities, practical laboratories, fields and environments consistent with each potential. They should also be mentored with the appropriate mentor.

Question 4:- What do you think is more important – Nature or Nurture?

Answer – I think nurture is more important to nature. Nature is not maximised if not nurtured. We have a saying that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

Question 5:- Do you think smart students are happy?

Answer – Smart students are happy students. They enjoy activities even if no one is.

Question 6:- Why do you think some people are really good at something?

Answer – Some people are really good at something because of the innate tendency and the work put in practice and time.

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