Describe a Place Full of Colours?

Describe a place full of colours?

  • Where is it
  • How do you know about it
  • When you went there
  • What you did there
  • Explain why you think it is colourful

Sample Answer of Describe a Place Full of Colours?

I am going to talk about a place that I experienced a wide variety of colors. It is close to my hometown and is located on a hill. It is the world’s famous pilgrim center. As I was born and grown up in this city, I was well aware of this place. I usually used to go very often to this place during my school days as it is nearby to me, but I am residing there due to my job. Every year they organize a holy celebration for ten days, mostly in October. I used to attend there to see the collection of flowers that they imported from all over the world. Almost all kinds of flowers will be exhibited there, and it would be a nice opportunity to explore them at a place. They decorate those flowers in many shapes of animals and sculptures. It was really fun, especially for children to see them. It was so colorful with all those flowers, lighting, and the people who visit there. Apart from flowers, they also conduct rangoli competitions which would add more color. Sometimes I feel like two eyes are not enough to see such beautiful moments.

Follow-Ups Describe a Place Full of Colours?

Question 1:- Is colour important for clothing?

Definitely yes. People like to wear many different colored clothes. Especially women in India prefer to wear bright colored clothes that enhance one’s beauty.

Question 2:- What colours are the most famous in your state?

In my state, red and yellow colours are the most famous as they play a major role in almost all religious occasions such as festivals and marriages. These colors are also considered as sacred.

Question 3:- Would these colours become popular in the future?

These colors are already at a peak in popularity not only in my state but also across India due to their significance in holy events. I think the popularity would remain the same.

Question 4:- What was the most popular colour this past year?

The past year was a bit different due to the pandemic. I think green was the popular color during that time, given the fact that people allowed them to grow without causing harm with pollution and other actions.

Question 5:- How do colours affect people’s disposition?

I don’t have much knowledge of it. But I recently heard a podcast from BBC on colors. In that, they said that colors would affect the brain in many ways, and it is one of the factors that keep the brain healthy and happy. It also explained that many of the people painted their walls with different bright colors to refresh their minds as it is difficult to step outside to see the different colors naturally due to pandemics.

Question 6:- What colours are largely found in buildings in India?

The majority of buildings in India are painted with pale colors outside, and some bright colors like blue, green, yellow are used inside based on their own desire for color. Children’s rooms are often painted with many color patterns and cartoons.

Question 7:- What colour is suitable for offices?

I think many office buildings are covered with glass outside, so it doesn’t need any colors. As buildings are completely closed, white color will be the most suitable one as it enhances the brightness inside that helps people to see more clearly without any strain.

Question 8:- How otherwise do women and men have a look at the same colour?

I believe men and women don’t see the colors in the same way. In fact, they experience many differences. Girls like the pink color a lot, while the majority of boys don’t like it. Girls prefer bright colors, whereas boys like pale colors.

Question 9:- Do colours really make a difference in the ads?

Yes, some colors attract people more in some instances. For suppose, red color attracts more when a person is hungry. So, definitely, colors make an ad attractive and also helps in remembering for longer.

Question 10:- What colours are acceptable for formal occasions?

I don’t have much idea about it. But I believe light colors with proper combinations are accepted for formal occasions such as a light-colored shirt with dark trousers.

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