Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know

Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know

You should say

  • Who is the person?
  • How do you know them?
  • And explain why you think this person is polite?

In my life, I have many friends in my group among them one of the one of that is mean he is very polite in nature polity nature and I met him we are a very good friend and we had in the same class in the school in the school and from the beginning of the school till the completion the forward 10th standard to be very good friends.

We are all here any class here in the same thing that only so used to take together in one by the school so I know him very well and he also knows he went so whenever we interact with each other I found it is very polite in his work and he is very charming nature of because whenever I see or I have any questions or if it is any difficulties then he is very calm and polite in answering the questions and he never to any specific factors that box opposite word.

So I think that he is very polite in his life and to take a lot of problems very in a precise manner and systematically so he is now so he’s at so I can say that he is very good level at this stage in his professional career and I think he is really very good person in a good person and I would I am very happy that I have and the front and back and front office and available to gain some knowledge from his knowledge for me and share it to her defence also share it to my other friends also.

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Question 1. Do you think you are a polite person?

Answer – I think I am a polite person by some amount in my life because it sometimes when I feel very stressed and because of some thoughts saved by the other people I feel very different in that situation but instead of arguing with them I used to be polite and understand not the people is trying to you say to me. I used to analyse myself and identify my mistake, and then I will explain to that person that with example and so we understand it and correct his statement.

Question 2. How do you show politeness?

Answer – Yes, in my opinion, there are many ways of politeness, that is need to mention that was the least one should be able to come and do not argue with other people if he is arguing with you in the particular statement on particular thought of thinking process. One should be able to understand or analyse other people’s thoughts of behaviour or against you or the other people’s so what if you are able to come during the situation then it would definitely help you in your life because politeness is one of the individual behaviour or its natural talent and need to develop my your own no one able to help him know the person is able to help regarding this talent so one should able to be polite in what situations and solve that problem in a very systematically manner.

Question 3. Do you think politeness is important?

Answer – Yes, it is essential in one’s life because sometimes in the situation and using it politely then it would definitely be helpful in a situation because if you are but if you are arguing with a person instead of arguing Poland in the situation then that I women will not be broadened broaden anything not be very dangerous at in the later. Of time so you have sorted out that problem in a very polite and instead of arguing with them you have you able to stay calm in the situation and just listen to that particular person because you know that he would not be able to keep silent unless and unless and until you will find you are arguing with them so you should be able to be polite in the situations and then later on after in some. Of time you discuss with them and analyse a fixed and explain to him about your point of view Sofia instantly, and that problem will be resolved in that manner.

Question 4. In your opinion, why is it important to show respect to others?

Answer – It is imperative to show respect to others, especially when you are talking to your superior or the older people in your life. Hence, whenever you show respect to other people, it signifies your behaviour and attitude towards them. Hence, you must show your respect to the people and its effect and its significance of drinking after updating by of parents one should definitely respect the other people if he is not respecting then it is complicated. On unorthodox one author of the one on the product of this sort of behaviour at people avoid I was interesting because these he is not respecting the other people so one should definitely respect to the other people in his life so he would able to thank you would be able to gain knowledge and experience from that the older people and implement and in his own life so he could also be able to motivate and grow in his career.

Question 5. Can you give me some other examples of how people show politeness in your country?

Answer – Yes, definitely I will give you some two examples about the politeness in our country like for example to Peoples attack you with each other than a third-person interact and comes into the feature then he would be able to politely explain to them about the situations and they and their actions are taken to get to the person that you are arguing in the wrong Manor instead of that you just analyse yourself and then you argue with your explanation. Hence, you were able to easily resolve this problem and all the ways by showing respect to others. It shows your politeness and behaviour and attitudes towards the other people so he would feel delighted and confident in his life that it is very respectful to me. He would definitely help you in the future in your life.

Question 6. Can you think of any examples when young children are not very polite?

Answer – yes, definitely in one of my life, one day when I was playing in-game with my nephew used to be used to very angry with his parents because he wants you to want to buy some new games to play. Still, parents deny buying that game because it is very expensive to purchase. Still, at that situation, there is not a situation that he would understand the importance of the money in the line at that stage, so he was very angry with her with his parents, but when I used to explain that to my nephew, that is very you must understand the importance of only understand you understand it my thoughts. Then we come to ourselves and say sorry to his parents for behaving in a manner so that he is very polite in his life and instead of trying to angry with his parents, understand the situation, and then they react to them.

Question 7.  you think telling lies is impolite? OR Are there any times when it might be polite to tell a lie?

Answer – Yes, speaking lies is impolite because it will be put that person in trouble at a later stage of the slide. It will affect effect because you told a lie to me and any my opinion one should not be able to lie to any person in the life but when the critical situations that were in the one’s life that is if you would be able to lie to that person Falls benefit in his life then definitely at the situation. You shall speak to you should say lie to that person, but you should ensure that you’re a line to that person at the later. Of the time, it would not be affected to that person; instead of that, it will benefit to him that you have told a lie to him at this stage so in that manner it with the polite politeness in saying the lie to that person.

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