Some People Think That the Best Way to Increase Road Safety

Some people think that the best way to increase road safety is to increase the minimum legal age for driving cars and riding motorbikes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people argue that to increase road safety, the best possible way is to increase the minimum age limit of the people for driving cars and those who are riding motor vehicles. I partially agree with this line of thought. Ideas enunciated further in my discourse will give my point of view.

To embark with, road safety is one of the major priorities of the people in the society because nowadays accidents are occurring at a very fast pace. Hence, it is the responsibility of the citizen to follow the rules and regulations set by the government. Increasing the minimum legal age for driving vehicles will definitely be one solution for road safety. This higher authority should take strict actions for those who disobey rules set by them. For instance, teenagers nowadays drive cars and bikes without having a license on hand, which is an unsafe practice, and this will lead to traffic accidents, and they are not aware of the law and speed limit to be followed while driving mode of transport.

On the other hand, there are other ways to increase road safety, which is a more beneficial way than increasing the minimum age limit for driving motor vehicles. The first way is that every citizen of society should strictly follow the traffic rules. For example, one must wear a helmet while driving the bike and follow the signals across while driving. The second way is that government should promote and educate the citizen of the society about the awareness of road safety to the people. This way, one can save the precious life of individuals.

To conclude, all must follow the limits and criteria set for the road’s safety, which could avoid major mishaps of accidents while driving cars and riding bikes.

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