Describe an Area of Science (physics, Psychology, and So On) that Interests You

Describe an area of science (physics, psychology, and so on) that interests you. Please say

  • What is it?
  • How do you know about it?
  • Why are you interested in it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Area of Science (physics, Psychology, and So On) that Interests You

Science is the wider concept about the knowledge and information that explains various technologies and thesis based on research and experiment. Well, psychology has always been my favourite stream of science as I came to know about it in my school days. Actually, I was in 7th grade, and science was the subject of our curriculum, and basic psychology was explained in it.

At that time, I was not so interested in it but later when I came to know that it’s necessary to know human psychology as it plays a pivotal role in the marketing field. Being a marketing student, I have to deal with people and their minds, ideas, concepts and thinking, and I started to read many books related to it. One of my cousins I told that dealing with the human mind is not a piece of cake for everyone so learn about it. Then he taught me many concepts and became so interested that I continued to obtain knowledge about it as much as I can do.

Follow-ups of Describe an Area of Science (physics, Psychology, and So On) that Interests You

Question 1:– What is the best invention in the past 100 years?

Answer:- I personally believe that the most beneficial invention in the last century is the aeroplane as it makes transportation so fast and the best means of mobility. Many people get benefits from it as it provides so many amenities on and off the board. It includes food and entertainment while travelling which lacks in another medium of transportation. Many airlines nowadays facilitate its passenger with sleeping couches and also relaxation facilities like a spa.

Question 2:– What is the influence of science on human life?

Answer:- Through science, human has been on the moon and now also trying to find a living environment on another planet, for instance, Mars. Besides, many diseases are in control just because of the advancement of science. The medicine and operation system saves human life. Many are getting vision and auditory abilities due to science. Apart from it, farmers are able to grow more fruits and vegetables with the help of various tools and equipment.

Question 3:– Do you think it is mandatory to teach science in schools?

Answer:- Undoubtedly, as today’s fast pacing world is mostly dependent on science, it’s necessary for every human to have basic knowledge of it so that they can easily match up with others in society and their lives become easy to interact with others.

Question 4:– Do you think children love to learn science nowadays? Why?

Answer:- Science is a practical subject, and it involves experiments that attract younger students as it gives the feeling of thrills and shock. Also, today’s children are dealing with electronic gadgets, and their lives have become digital, so they are Keen to know about different features of science and its effect as well as benefits in day to day life, so I believe children enjoy studying science.

Question 5:– What are the modern methods of teaching science subjects to children?

Answer:- With the help of digital pieces of equipment like a projector and tablets, many institutes are offering the courses of science stream. Many also conduct a session on the practical environment like many schools arrange tours at the NASA and ISRO and teach students about the science. Institute nowadays also have huge laboratories for the practice test and sessions. Apart from it, many volunteers learn through internet classes and by watching geography channels on the television.

Question 6:– Are they effective? Why do you think so?

Answer:- I think practical classes are more effective as it gives a real example and lesson to the student, and they can observe the outcome of the experiment or any thesis. This way, they can memories things for a very long period of time, and if any mistakes are made during class, there are rare chances that students repeat them as they know exactly what happens if they do particular steps in the same manner.

Question 7:– Do you think that museums help to educate children about science? Why?

Answer:- Certainly, museum displays invention of various times, and by knowing about them, children can add knowledge about science.

Question 8:– In your daily life, where can you see or practice science?

Answer:- I experience science in a variety of equipment that I use from morning to night in my routine. To name a few, vehicle, laptop, personal computer, calculator, pen, mobile phone, television, elevator. To explain it, when I communicate with kith and kind who reside offshore through video calls on cell or laptop I experience the invention of world wide web through which we can see and talk with people, or I have to mention many surgeons attend medical surgery via it.

Question 9:– Are all mysteries solved by science?

Answer:- World’s biggest mystery is whether god exists or not. Not any scientific institute or any scientist gave prove of it with proper clarification. Another example is what black holes are included in it. So I believe not every mystery are solved by science yet.

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