Write a Letter to The Editor to Give Your Opinion About a Magazine that You Purchased

Write a letter to the editor to give your opinion about a magazine that you purchased. Include:

  • Why did you buy it
  • What did you like and dislike about it
  • suggestions for improvement

Dear sir,

I am writing to suggest some possible steps to enhance the quality of your magazine. I am a researcher, and I like to read articles in my space-time. 

Last week. I was travelling to Lahore via bus when I saw a hawker selling your monthly novel. I could not stop myself from purchasing it as the front cover displays the picture of talking robots discovered last year.

I read the whole booklet, including the article about new discoveries. The overall theme of the magazine was pretty admirable except for the information about robotic technologies. You have mentioned that these robots have successfully completed the experimental process and are readily available in the market to buy. This information is fake with no original basics. As I am a member of the experimental committee, I refuse to admit this piece of rumour. Fake information rather than false one might cause damage to journalism as well as the community.

I would like to advise you to at least double-check the information before publishing. For best reasons, you should directly contact the respective authority or organization and not rely upon your journalists or article writers.

I hope you will consider my suggestion seriously in order to avoid such blunders.

Yours sincerely,

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