Describe an Argument Between Two of Your Friends

Describe an argument between two of your friends

  • when did it happen
  • how did they solve
  • what you think about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Argument Between Two of Your Friends

Argument happens between my friend and me in college time when we are seating the cafeteria during our leisure time in the college we’re discussing argument between all that what to do after the graduation that we need to pursue the master or to take the job we are and one we are opposing with or without arguments that my friend was telling me that it is necessary to have master should study. Still, my opinion was to have the job after graduation, so we argued with our statements, but eventually,

we thought that we could take the help of our professor, so we went to the professor and asked the questions in which we were arguing with each other. He explains to us that it depends upon you and your choice and what is your expertise area; based on that, you decide what you want to do Masters or do the job, so according to you takes your decisions and so we understand very nicely.

My friend and I will take decisions accordingly, and I think that this is a very crucial and important topic of a life that is how we make the decision how to make the decision between doing the masters or do the job and in order to avoid any problems in our professional career in the future so this decision should be taken in with consideration of all the important aspects of life.

Follow-ups of Describe an Argument Between Two of Your Friends

Question 1:- Do you think childhood friendship can last for long?

Answer- Yes definitely in my opinion childhood friendship should last for long because childhood friendship is something that we care for each other and friendship that very last long because we are in touch with each other during the crucial period of time and whenever we need the help of each other we definitely there on time. Childhood friendship will definitely last for long, and it will help in our life also friendship is something that is going it is required is necessary to share the things which we could not share with our loved ones, and it also release our stress whenever we talk with our childhood friends about our feelings, and he knows about what are our likes and dislikes. So childhood friendship last long will definitely benefit us.

Question 2:- Is it important that people should have a good friendship?

Answer- Yes, it is very is necessary to have a good friendship in our life because good friends help us during our tough times and we can also easily share our views and thoughts, and whenever we need idea during our difficult situation in our life, friends will help us if you have very good friends they will definitely motivate you to achieve your goals. You can also share your thoughts that you cannot share with your belongings and loved ones; if you have a good friendship, then you will definitely be able to be happy and have a wonderful life.

Question 3:- Did you ever see a celebrity in your life?

Answer- Yes, I saw the celebrity during our college function, that one of the most important musical artists have come you during our function and he sang really well, and he is well known among other musicians and will love to listen to his music because his voice is very clear sound and it was very important for me at that time, and I feel very pleasure watching him in that function.

Question 4:- Do you remember the friends you had made in childhood?

Answer- Yes I do remember one of my best friends from childhood, and still, we are in contact with each other, and his name is Karan, and he is currently teaching the students of the commerce graduates, and during our leisure time, we meet each other have fun and watch movies and eat delicious food in the restaurant, and also we talk about our goals and we motivate each other. This is the main role of the childhood friend in our life; he is ready to help anytime, whenever we need it.

Question 5:- Is it easy to make friends now as compared to the past?

Answer- Yes, nowadays to make friends is very easy than before because new latest technologies emerging and also, social applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are very helpful to making friends very easily. It is just a click away to make a friend. These things are lacking during the past time. It is also very important that you choose your friends precisely and that will definitely help you in your life during tough times.

Question 6:- What are the important qualities of a good friend?

Answer- There is much important quality of a good friend is confidence and self-understanding. These are the very important qualities of a good friend to have because this will definitely make your friendship strong and long-lasting and bonding between two will also definitely increase that will help you each other in sharing the views as well as to understand easily and to help each other. Friends with good quality will nurture your life.

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