Talk About an Activity You Do After Work or School

Talk about an activity you do after work or School

  • What activity it is
  • When and where you do it
  • Who do you do it with
  • Why do you do it

Sample Answer of Talk About an Activity You Do After Work or School

Well, I think I do many activities during School and at home and but in that, I love to do drawing very because I love to the prepare arts of different animals, birds and the natural beauty of the world. I used to do drawing in school art class and also at home. I also go to drawing classes in the evening to improve my drawing skills because I love to do the drawing of different types of arts and how to use colours and visualize the image that you would be able to draw on the piece of paper. That is what someone can analyze from your drawing at how it feels to be some reality to them. So I used to you to go to the drawing experts and learn from them, and we also have some group of people in the classes so we also interact with each other and share the ideas in improving our drawing skills and I really feel amazed to do this activity because I want to grow my career in the drawing and to become a good architect in the future and contribute to the society.

 Follow-Ups of Talk About an Activity You Do After Work or School

Question 1. Do you like to do risky things?

Answer:- Yes, I like to do risky things because if you restrict yourselves and are bound to safe things when we couldn’t be able to grow in our life, so we need to take a take chance and do challenging things in life, even though we fail to do the risky task, but we will learn and have the satisfaction that at least I have made an attempt in doing these things in the life. So, in my opinion, yes, all should try to do the risky things and learn from them in order to enhance and grow in life.

Question 2. Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Answer:- Most of the people like to do adventurous and risky sports because they know that this will help to improve an in particular sports so they’ve definitely tried to do this extreme sport in order to improve themselves and they can learn from the mistakes and do more practice and achieve their goals. They feel really exciting about doing such extreme sports and the necessary precautions to be taken care of in performing such sports.

Question 3. Why do some people eat the same things all the time?

Answer:- Some people eat the same food all the time because they like to eat delicious and tasty. If I talked about myself, I also used to eat Maggi every day. It’s the individual choice if you can decide which you can better for our health or not take this every day because they love to eat food very much.

Question 4. Why is it good to be adventurous?

Answer:- It is good to be adventurous because if you would able to know about adventurous activities that are taking place all over the world and also do that adventure activity and it will be helpful to keep our body fit and fine. We could also be able to analyze how to climb the mountains and what are the different ways in order to do the adventurous activities that you feel very excited and thrill in doing such activities, so it would be good for some of the people to have some adventures in the life.

Question 5. Why are some sports expensive? Are they for everyone?

Answer:- Sports that are expensive, yes it is applicable for everyone. If you want to do that task that you can definitely spend money on that. It is kept expensive because it is having activity involved in which is better it is not performed by the everyone, so there may be some restrictions and rules to be there in order to activate, but in my opinion, it should be open to all in their own rules and regulations in order to perform that expensive activity.

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