Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Did Not Like the Music Played

Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Did Not Like the Music Played

  • What the event was?
  • Where you were?
  • What the music was?
  • Explain why you did not like the music?

Sample Answer of Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Did Not Like the Music Played

Well, I am a melophile. I love to listen to music and I like loud music which is played at parties. It is my favorite hobby, in fact, I listen to music while working and driving. Sometimes I even enjoy slow music if I want to relax and feel calm. Here I am going to talk about an event which I attended last year in my hometown. It was a retirement party for my uncle, his name is Kevin. Furthermore, he retired from the school as principal. Everything was perfect at the party, such as delicious food, beautiful decoration. Moreover, we all were having fun by chin wag, at the same time we were waiting for the music to begin so that we can hit the dance floor.

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Nevertheless, the music was not too good. My uncle is very fond of old hits and sad songs. So, the DJ boy was playing all these kinds of songs instead of playing party songs. I requested him to play some arty songs, but he said the organizer gave him strict instructions to play only those song which Mr. Kevin liked. I was disheartened and completely mood less as I thought of dancing and enjoying the party. In addition to this, I had to attend the whole party because I did not want to disappoint my uncle and also I came with everyone so it was mandatory for me to wait for everyone.

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1 thought on “Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Did Not Like the Music Played”

  1. I have attended many events. The event is a part of our life. People are throwing events more and more these days. I am telling you about an event that I had to attend last week. It was a dinner party at my friend’s house. She has invited me.

    There also other people came and they are a different community like English people and Chinese people. Although I knew them and I was not feel good. The party started around
    5 o’clock. They were a bit crowded because the space of the lobby was congested.

    My English friends and I were there enjoying there. However, one thing I did not like there was the music. The music was different for me because I like Hindi music and Punjabi music. They turned English and Chinese music The Chinese music I totally not understood. I was bored there.
    I prefer Punjabi music so I do not like either English music. some people were dancing and some sat on the couch while drink. My friends also felt sad for me they knew I did not like music. I thought if there were Punjabi music I would stay more.

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