People Who Read for Pleasure Develop Their Imagination More

It Is Believed That People Who Read for Pleasure Develop Their Imagination More and Acquire Better Language Skills Compared to People Who Prefer Watching Television. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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It is irrefutable that reading plays a paramount role among the plebeians because it not only enhance the curiosity and imagination power but also develop linguistic skills. The ongoing debate among the masses is that whether reading skill attain more creativity in people or watching television. This essay will highlight that this certainly is a rational approach that needs to be opted.


At the outset, reading as a hobby always develop more ideas as well as improve imagination power. Furthermore, it also broaden the horizon of the people. In addition to it, most of the folk who read a lot have better thinking capacity. Consequently, they become more innovative and imaginative.To cite an example, Elon musk who does not get any degree but due to the curiosity which he grasp through reading books and eventually he built a Space X company. Next to it, reading skill enhance the vocabulary and one can understand and gain indepth knowledge of each and every word. The reader can also get the opportunity to interact with various language and their forms. In this way, reader become more effective to grab language skills.

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On the flip side, watching television also improve the habit of imagination but some extent. Because television broadcast the each and everything owing to this it decreases the self-imagination power among the plebeians. Moreover, it also generates the listening and speaking skill.


To put it in a nutshell, reading has more optimistic impacts on human’s creative thinking and language skills instead of watching television. Reading also beneficial for the holistic evolvement of the folk. If children can be made a read a lot, then there will be a world filled with creative thinkers.

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