Describe an Old Person You Know and Respect

Talk about an old person you know and respect

  • Who he or she is,
  • How you know this person,
  • What he or she is like,
  • why you respect him or her

Sample Answer of Describe an Old Person You Know and Respect

For taking about an old person which I know and respect, I will always pick my grandfather. Because every time I stuck to some things and could not decide what to do, he always taught me to follow my heart and also told me his real-life example, which sprinkled me a lot. My grandfather is like Sardar Patel; he never afraid of anything for doing right things, and he has taught us every time that doesn’t be afraid of anything when we are right and follows our heart to pick the decision. He always helps poor ones by feeding them food and also giving them fresh clothes and blankets when it is required. For his calm and helpful nature, everyone respects him a lot, including me.

Follow-ups of Describe an Old Person You Know and Respect

Question 1. What qualities does a person need to have to take care of old people?

Answer:- The person should have talkative nature as in old age people become talkative and feel alone when people don’t talk with them much. He or she should be happy nature and also helpful nature to do help to old people.

Question 2. Do you think old people should be taken care of at home?

Answer:- It depends on the environment of the home and if they require any treatment or not. But from my point of view, they should have to take care at home as they will found near to their family and can be happy to see their children and grandchildren live their happy life.

Question 3. How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

Answer:- People can give food to elder people also they can wash their clothes and keep their hygiene clean. They can also help them by calling their children’s or relatives to meet them if they want to.

Question 4. Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Answer:- Yes, in our society, we are always helping each other as we grow up with them at the same place, and they have helped us a lot during our needs, and this is our time to pay them back.

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