Now a Day Many People Want to Buy Famous Brands of Clothes

Now a day many people want to buy famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. What are the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive and a negative development?

The Paradigm shift has made it necessary for the masses to buy branded clothes to look dandy and to purchase cars to make their journey comfortable and many more things that they purchase to ameliorate their living conditions. In my perspective, it is a negative trend as people become spendthrift and live in use and throw society.

First off, out of many reasons, maintaining social status is the predominant reason among masses to purchase expensive clothes and vehicles. To elaborate, they do purchasing so that they will be valued by other people. Thus maintaining a good image make them spend more on purchasing clothes. Moreover, there are varieties of clothes that can alter the personality of any person. For example, if an obese person wears an outfit, which makes him/her younger than his age; then, he/she would do more shopping. Besides, having a car is an hour of need. It makes the itinerary of individuals easy and comfortable and also escapes them from extreme climates. Furthermore, the influence of famous celebrities makes them do purchase more of these things. They want a similar lavish lifestyle.

To continue, it can be said that it has negative outcomes on their life. Consuming a lot of money on buying these things will eventually turn them into a spendthrift. Thus they will enhance their financial budget. Branded clothes and vehicles cost them an arm and a leg. Thus they face adversity in their later period of life. In addition, automatically, they start to you live in use and throw society. They get easily bored with the same kinds of clothes and a car with basic functions; resultantly they purchase costly clothes and luxurious cars. This attitude of people instigates the other classes to follow the trend. So people with the changing time, change their lifestyle and contribute in making their environment inhospitable. Also, people contribute to climate change by having a number of cars instead of favoring carpooling.

To conclude, thus, people in order to maintain their status quo, prefer a change in their personality by purchasing costly clothes, comfortable vehicles, and many more consequently, they have an adverse effect on them such as they become extravagant and induce lower income group to follow them even at the cost of taking debt.

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