Some People Say That Schools Do Not Make Enough Efforts to Teach

Some people say that schools do not make enough efforts to teach young people to look after their health and they add that schools should take health education more seriously. Do you agree or disagree?

In this modern era, children are at a higher risk of diseases so health is becoming a major concern among society. Some people believe that education places do not teach youth to a healthy living that is a big concern and ought to take it seriously. I strongly agree with the given notion my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

We all know that health is wealth, nowadays school put more weight on academic subjects over health. There are some reasons that indicate it is school responsibility. Firstly, teachers can give wisdom about communicable illness or disease which spread by contact, in addition, organizations should check up pupils medical test regularly. Secondly, the school should organize some health-related classes where students can learn about the value of health, as well as teachers, give some basic erudition to the students like washing the hands before eating something, eat vegetables and fruits after washing, etc.

Having insights into health regards is not only beneficial for children but also for the community and family. Pupils can take care of themselves, it also can save other lives. Moreover, when the children have to know about the pernicious diseases so they are trying to succor their family, relatives, and friends as well. It forges an illness-free nation.

To sum up, some people feel that, the school does not give education related to health for pupils, it is paramount thus should take seriously and yield it. I agree with the given notion, school is the best way for children to learn it and follow it in life.

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