Describe Your Dream Job Speaking Cue Card

Describe Your Dream Job Speaking Cue Card

  • what it is
  • where do you hear it from
  • how long do you want to do it
  • would you recommend this is your other?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Dream Job Speaking Cue Card

There are a lot of jobs in the society which provides a very good pay scale. Some jobs are Blue collar, and many are white-collar masses like to do according to their choice. Today here I would like to talk about a job which I would love to do in the future because it is my dream job. This job is work in a Google company and the first time I heard about this from my friend she is my best friend, and she worked in Google company from last five years and gave me information about how they treat their work and provides a lot of facilities like good medical facilities and for fitness provide gym membership, as well as they, give some opportunities to travel in other countries so this kind of facilities make this job a dream job for me.

Now I prepare myself to complete my education, and after that, I apply my application form in this company to do work in this because they provide a very good and higher pay scale, which will be useful for me to fulfill my all needs in the future. Yes, I would recommend this job to one of my friends she has very good computer skills, so I recommend her to work in this company because this company has a value of their employees and they provide good facilities which I mentioned earlier. So, this is a job that is now my dream job, but with hard work, I achieve this job in the future.

Follow-ups Describe Your Dream Job Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Is money important to choosing a job?

I think yes because in the technical world Money plays a very important role in everyone’s life, but satisfaction is also important if we do any particular job in a specific company.

Question 2:- What are the challenges employees are facing with the work from the home trend?

Workers face many types of challenges when they start work from home because the environment is not created easily as well as Wi-Fi and internet is very important so these kinds of difficulties they face when they start work from home.

Question 3:- Is working from home very beneficial than working in the office?

I think so it is beneficial for both workers as well as a company because if they work from home, they save their money of the transportation which they used to go for a company and company also save lots, for example, electricity is use full day for lighting and for many purposes so, this is beneficial for both not only for the worker but also for the organization.

Question 4:- But be it is beneficial?

As I mentioned earlier how it is beneficial for both but if I talk about an employee they spend most of the time with their family and take a rest, and if they complete their work in few hours then they have more free time so this kind of opportunities are they enjoy.

Question 5:- What are the disadvantages of working from home?

This is just like one coin has two sides, so if there are many advantages regarding this however some disadvantages regarding this like sometimes important documents misplace. For example, in some homes, kids are playing with paper they do not understand what things are important and what are not, so these kinds of silly problems people face.

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