Describe Your Favourite Flower/national Flower of Your Nation

Describe your favourite flower/national flower of your nation. You should say:

  • What it is
  • Where it is grown
  • If it is common in your country
  • And explain why it is your favourite flower.

The majority of human-like flowers, the scenery of the flower field is delightful. Around the world abundant flowers and their subtypes are seen.

Today I would like to talk about my favourite flowers, and it is the rose. Rose is a symbol of love and sympathy. More than 100 types of roses are grown. Furthermore, typically warm climates are essential for normal roses; hot summer is suitable for them; however, some roses are also grown in hot climates. Some types of roses also grow between -50 to -30 degree of temperature.

History suggests that more than 5000 years ago, China started cultivating roses; nowadays, roses are also planted for commercial bases and fragrance. In my country roses are common, several colours of roses planting as well as we see, each colour of roses has a different value. For example, red roses are a symbol of love while yellow is for desire.

I love roses than other flowers because it is beautiful and different from others, fragrance and smell of roses are I like. On my balcony, I have planted four roses plan; every morning, I pour water as well as gardening.

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Question: Do people in your country like to grow flowers at home?

Without any doubt, yes, Indian love to grow flowers plants in the home; a host of people keep it on the terrace if it is in bulk. Otherwise, preference is a balcony in urban areas. For instance, my mother and sister are interested in growing flowers; hence, we have at least 12 different types of flowers in our Terrence.

Question: Do older people Grow flowers instead of young ones?

To be honest, yes, old generation layman is generally nature lover then today’s youngsters, youth spend most uptime on enjoyment although less interest, elder like any many of grow it.

Question: How do schools teach students to grow flowers?

Well, the school can forge events where they give instructions or teach how to planning plants and gardening them; they can also plan on the ground if space is available. Management of the school, as well as tutors roles, is pivotal for this activity.

Question: What does the national flower represent of your country?

I am from India; the national flower of India is the lotus, which represents ancient tradition and mythology. The lotus grows above the water. Thus, it teaches us that live simply and rise worldly.

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