Environmental Problems Such as Pollution and Climate Change Affect All the People in The World

Environmental problems such as pollution and climate change affect all the people in the world. While global solutions are required to mitigate these problems, very few have been suggested. Why is there only a small number of solutions? How can these problems be resolved or mitigated?

In today’s era, environmental changes day by day with increasing the population and climate change affect the public the global. However, the government has to take a step, and I will discuss the reason behind this problem and some solutions for the same in the upcoming paragraph.
To begin with, climate change is one of the most complex issues facing us today. It involves many problems that directly impact the surroundings. Firstly human activity plays a major role in the environment by changing the climate and pollution such as transportation and mining as well as deforestation, which lead to the expansion of global warming. For instance, there are many nations where most people prefer to go outside with their private vehicles rather than the use public vehicles as long as it creates the global warming.

On the other hand, day by day, technologies and industries are the growth or enhancing new products like mobile phones. The radiation which harmful to humans as well as animals. Moreover, technology Highly electromagnetic particle radiations are impacted in nature and releasing harmful gases buy industries waste. For example, increasing the production market in the economy has a 70% share of destroying the environment by releasing wastage pollution in water, air as well as the ground. But also the rest 30% demolished by technologies where passes are harmful emissions in global.

Apart from that, there are some possible solutions not only government but also public to take steps. Firstly, boost up the use of public transportation where half of the population has to control the usage of common vehicles. Secondly, adopting the new technology efficient training of employees for safe use and better technology for disposable of wastage help to control the industrial pollution. Therefore, also recycling the product where saves the clean water. Lastly, the better solution to control global warming is to grow more trees which have to stop climate change by removing harmful gases.

In conclusion, it is a big issue problem where everyone faces new technology and manufacturing factories are increased have to come up with the solution for recycling the product. Also, usage of better technology where wastage can automatically be controlled in hand. Furthermore, the use of public vehicles like trains and buses to control the pollution.

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