In Many Countries, the Law Says that People Must Attend School until They Become 18 Years Old

In many countries, the law says that people must attend school until they become 18 years old. Does the advantage outweigh the disadvantages?

In most nations, their constitution made it mandatory for people to be in an institution throughout their adolescent period. However, this essay will discuss if the merits outweigh the demerits.

On the one hand, being in school throughout the teenage period will draw the intelligent ones back. For instance, a child born a genius is easily detected in Infancy; if the kid starts school at an earlier age than his /her mates, he excels more than them; therefore, it is not expected of the child to be in college within that stipulated aage range. Moreso, the age range will discourage schooling. Some people will look at spending close to twenty years in college as a waste of time and energy hence making them look for alternative ways of excelling in life. Therefore reviewing the law is necessary.

On the other hand, allowing children to reach eighteen and years in college has its positive impact, firstly, it allows the Individual attain maturity, this will aid the person to face outside world more especially if the Individual is aspiring to further in education. Secondly, it helps the person in decision making; the person within the four walls of the classroom throughout teenage years would have accumulated experience that will aid the Individual decides on the career to choose after the current education. Therefore it is important to stay in school within the constitutional age.

In conclusion, it is imperative that the negative impact of compulsory studying within 18 years in college defeats its positive effect because it will affect the progress of intelligent ones furthermore it will demoralize some people from being students. However, it is advantageous by allowing one to gather experience and also make a wise decision for the future.

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