In Some Countries, People Spend Long Hours at Work

In some countries, people spend long hours at work. Why does this happen? Is it a positive or negative development?

For the smooth running of life, plebeians like to do distinct kinds of work. In many nations, individuals prefer to do full-time time work along with part-time. The upcoming paragraphs shed light upon various ideas and examples, along with some genuine reasons. It has both pros and cons, but the latter one has more impact on the public.

To commence with, the utmost important reason is that in this materialistic world, folk like to earn handsome income to adopt a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, due to inflation, every product’s prices are rising day by day. To fulfil their desired needs, people like to do work for extensive hours. In addition to this, individuals want to complete their future goals, which requires a lot of money. To exemplify, some masses earn money for the betterment of their children. Last but not least, in this modern era people like to stand ahead of others, they like to compete with each other, in this cutthroat competition.

On the flip side, if people work for long hours, then they are not able to spend their precious time with their kith and kins, which adversely affect their relationship Bond. Moreover, working long hours put a detrimental effect on homosapiens. They can suffer from many ailments, including insomnia, anxiety, depression, mental disorders, to name but a few. To exemplify, a survey had been conducted in recent years which shows that a person can work almost 10 hours. More hours of work can extensively affect their health.

To put it in a nutshell, I retrieved that people should do work according to their needs, but firstly they should look toward their health. With our healthy lifestyle they cannot able to do work in a proper way and as older people said that ” HEALTH IS WEALTH ”.

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