It Is Impossible for The Government to Help Everyone Around the World: Writing Task 2

It is impossible for the government to help everyone around the world, so it should focus on its own country’s development. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It Is Impossible for The Government to Help Everyone Around the World: Writing Task 2+It is argued that It is not possible that Government can help everyone around the globe, and therefore Government should only concentrate on its own country’s progress. Personally, I disagree with this statement. I Believe to some extent government can and should help people of other countries. In the following essay, I will discuss my views on how Government can help.

Firstly, Though we are divided by borders, we all have something red blood in our veins. We should help each other for the sake of humanity. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, India supplied many medicines to the USA and this saved lives of many people. By helping each other, relations between different nations also improve. Another situation when people require help is during war or some natural disaster. During the war, many people leave their own country and take shelter in other countries. They do not have proper food or accommodation. At that time, other countries should help them. For instance, during the war between Russia and Ukraine, many people went to Poland, and Poland helped refugees with an open heart.

However, some people believe that When there are a lot of problems like poverty, lack of education, and starving people in the country, how can Government help other people. Because for helping other people, money is required, and people think that Government should spend money on their own people. Although I believe that Government should definitely focus on its own people but in an emergency situation, it is necessary to help. Also, I think, in the long run, this help will be paid off because when an emergency situation occurs in our country, others also help us. Because we share good relation with another country, they also help us in development of our country. Moreover, refugees also help in boosting the economy of the host country.

So to conclude, Government should provide help to others when needed rather than only focusing on only their own development. Because serving humanity is like serving nature, and in the long run, helping will definitely bring some good to one’s own country as well.

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