It Is Said that Young People Should Visit Other Countries as It Is Beneficial

It is said that young people should visit other countries as it is beneficial for their development. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Some people believe that it is very advantageous for adolescents to travel to foreign countries for their personal growth and development. Similarly, most parents prefer to send their children to abroad for pursuing further studies. In my opinion, I entirely agree that younger generations should explore international locations for their better development.

First and foremost, exploring foreign countries helps to enhance the personal growth of individuals. Although tons of hurdles and obstacles may arise along the way, young adults could get various opportunities to uplift necessary skills, such as communication, problem-solving management, and so on. Moreover, solo travelling could be convenient and has the benefit of being independent in a foreign destination. For instance, researchers have shown that immigrants are more mature and can easily face difficulties than a person who has never left his home country.

On top of this, young people can be aware of the mannerism and historical importance of the places. Likewise, knowledge about new languages, modern culture and lifestyles of other countries can be acquired by travelling. Indeed, if people travel to western countries, then they could vividly gain new ideas because those countries are far more developed than ours. To exemplify, young pupils have a probability of gaining more education regarding plenty of topics. It is evident to be crucial for young generations to explore various countries.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that young people should visit foreign countries once in a lifetime to gather meaningful experiences. Besides, this would boost personal growth and auspicious skills, generate new ideas and help in exploring the lifestyle of different countries.

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