Machine Translation (mt) Is Slower and Less Accurate than Human Translation

Machine translation (MT) is slower and less accurate than human translation and there is no immediate or predictable likelihood of machines taking over this role from humans. Do you agree or disagree?

There is no instant or predictable likelihood for the role of humans, which is taken by machines such as voice Translation machine, which is neither similar speed as human speaks nor is their accuracy perfect. In spite of this factor, I believe it helps society to remove the communication gap between two communities. This essay will further elaborate on how it is beneficial and why it doesn’t harm the role of humans.

Over the period of centuries, people from all over the globe are communicating with the various community in various languages and if they do not know the languages, then keep a person with them who knows and speak the local language, which is called a translator. But due to modernization and technology revolution, this work is divided among humans and gadgets, which further help mankind only by expanding their network very easily. Such as my father is an export businessman and always deal with European countries; hence he bought a machine translator, which makes their work very smooth.

Furthermore, as we already know that human translators are not enough in number to fulfil the requirement globally, and they are even more costly than a machine, but there is no doubt they are well accurate and quick as compared to a machine. Eventually, in this 21st Century, no one has time to wait; hence machines are easily available all over the world, and everyone can use them for any purpose. For example, I live in the city Jaipur, and it’s a tourist attraction and city lacks skilled people who know a foreign language and help tourist, so the government started distributing translator machine instead of a guide to the tourist mainly who comes from China and European country for smooth operation, and moreover, it increases the economy of a particular country.

All in all, the invention of the machine, I believe it does not take over human work, but instead, it helps and elevates the human’s task and work.

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