Describe a Funny Person You Know

Describe a funny person you know. You should say:

  • who is the person?
  • how he is funny?
  • when you meet him?

Sample Answer of Describe a Funny Person You Know

I have a plethora of friends in my life, but today I want to discuss one of my best from college. It all began when I took admission to college in 2012 and started living in a hostel. And on very next week after completing our classes, we are sitting in a group in hostel mess and having dinner suddenly I found that Rahul who is one of our friends have a hidden talent to do a mimic of anyone, as we to know once we listen when he is doing mimicry of one of our faculty, and suddenly all the person who is sitting next to him start laughing. So then only we encourage him to take participate in the annual function and do some mimicry of famous people, and he did same in college function and auditorium is full of applauding and laugh everybody adores his performance. Overall after this stage performance, he was highlighted among all institute premises although his room was next to me, so every night, we sat together and had fun.

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