The Graphs Below Show the Numbers of Male and Female Workers in 1975 and 1995

The graphs below show the numbers of male and female workers in 1975 and 1995 in several employment sectors of the Republic of Freedonia. Write a report for a university teacher describing the information shown.

The graphs below show the numbers of male and female workers in 1975 and 1995

Sample Answer of The graphs below show the numbers of male and female workers in 1975 and 1995

The line graph gives information about the Eoccupancies acquired by male and female, in six distinct fields, of the country Freedonia in 1975 and hence, the figures are compared with the year 1995.

It is apparent from the lines that, in 1975, the highest number of males were recruited in all the given sectors as compared to women. However, 20 years later, the number of male employees remained the same but for women employees increases in two sectors.

In 1975, the non-defensive public sector had the highest workforce, which included approximately, 880 men and 620 women whereas, the defensive public sector consisted a slightly greater than a fifth of men and 20 women. In the banking/ finance and communication department, there were more men as compared to women whereas, in communications nearly equal gender of workers employed. On the same side, the wholesale and retail sector consisted of the second-highest female workers, but males were greater, which is 700.

In contrast, the employment ratio of women increases significantly after 20 years, whereas men remain the same. In the public sector, the male defends ratio decreased slightly, and female candidates increased moderately while non- defensives of both gender as compared to two decades ago. As the manufacturing employees of both sexes remained the same, female employees increased in banking and came nearly equal to males in the given year. The figures of male workers in communication and wholesale remained the same as compared to 1975, the number of females increased and excellent the number of men that is 480 in communication and 800 in the retail department.

Overall, we can see the graph of women working is increasing significantly as compared to men.

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