Many Believe That Living in a City Offers Greater Benefits

Many believe that living in a city offers greater benefits compared to life in the countryside. To what extent do you agree or disagree

It is argued that residing in a metropolitan city provides many advantages over living in a village. This essay completely agrees with the statement. In my opinion, living in a city offers lots of opportunities that are not viable in villages, and I will discuss the same in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, there are many benefits for the people who are residing in urban areas. Firstly, job vacancies in myriad multinational companies are available for the youth and working professionals, which allows them to get work easily, even the pay is high as compared to the occupations in villages. For example, if anyone lost a job due to layoff, they can easily get a job with a good salary. Secondly, education institutions in cities offer better education to the children of city dwellers. Additionally, 24/7 hospitals and doctors are available in an urban place. As a result, this gives high-quality health facilities to tackle any medical emergency.

Thirdly, citizens have access to the amenities such as recreational parks, clubs, museums, and galleries. In addition to that, it also offers a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor stadiums, which help people to become fit and healthy human beings. Fourthly, mass transit in towns aids inhabitants to travel to any place within less time. This also helps them to save time and money. Finally, individuals enjoy various cultures and traditions as many people migrate to cities in search of a better standard of living and employment.

In conclusion, ultimately, I reiterate my opinion that the choices given by urban places to society are unmatchable compared to a rural area.

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