Large Companies Should Pay Higher Salaries to Ceos and Executives

Large companies should pay higher salaries to CEOs and executives compared to other workers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some individuals believe that the remuneration gives to higher-level employees should be more than lower-level workers. I completely agree with the statement as it will motivate everyone in the company in many ways.

To commence with, a major reason for giving more money to CEOs and managers is that they work harder and devote more time to their work compare to other working people. To explain it, the majority of high positioned individuals have to create planning by thinking about the outcome for their company. However, there would be no guarantee for success or profit, but they are the ones who control and take extra risk while taking numerous steps, which can be a stressful and critical process for any human being. For example, the CEO of Microsoft ‘Bill gates’ obtains 40 million annual income from the company because he, most of the time, takes many decisions that can lead to any consequence and may be beneficial or loss for the company. However, it is a tough job if he does not want higher pay. It may not be as encouraging for him to work. Hence it is imperative to give more money to higher executives.

Furthermore, there would be no motivation if everyone gets the same amount of salary. To elaborate, money is the priority reason for most people who work in large organizations and work hard for it. Whereas, if everyone gets the same amount of salary, there might be less enthusiasm among workers, and they do with less productivity. For instance, a survey conducted by the American origination authority reveals statistics of many MNCs that almost more than 70% of employees use their creativity and intellectual skills; getting a high salary was the main reason behind it. Thus, if everyone working for the same amount, there would be no satisfaction or motivation to work.

In conclusion, top-level management people, who spend time and effort, are eligible, and the company ought to give them more salary than people at a lower level.

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